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I am a twenty-three year old Taurus who recently received her Bachelor’s in marine science at UT Austin. I am attending graduate school at Auburn University for natural resource management to study coral reef management in the Caribbean Sea. I’m trying to live a minimal waste, sustainable lifestyle on the budget of a graduate student while also promoting sustainable travel and legitimate ecotourism.

Travel has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I was fortunate to have wanderlust parents who would always whisk us off to National Parks or Disney World for school vacations. I have started venturing off with friends or on solo trips when time allows. I have also have the opportunity to work and live in some of the most amazing places in the United States.

During college I began to play around with adopting a zero waste lifestyle. With my background in science, it was all too evident how the current consumer lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of our environment and ourselves. I am currently still adapting my lifestyle to zero waste as I’ve moved from a university dorm, shared apartment, single apartment, to living back with parents.

Science was always my favorite subject in school. I started my university career not sure chemical engineering was the right path for, however I figured I could make the most environmental impact by choosing this career field. By my junior year, I had changed my major three times and finally found my path in the school’s marine and freshwater science program. I also received a social science certificate in the Environment and Sustainability, which also prompted my Instagram and this blog to be born.

I’m here to promote a sustainable lifestyle full of travel and lifestyle choices that will save you money and help save our planet from single-use plastic pollution, over-fishing, global warming, and green washing.

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