Zero Waste Travel Hacks

Be sustainable and travel savvy with these zero waste tips!


Last summer I spent a month in Spain with my closest friends. Reminiscing on it now, I was extremely fortunate I was also trying to make my lifestyle eco-friendlier. The point of a sustainable lifestyle is that it is sustainable; you can apply every change and swap without needing to majorly change your life. Due to these changes, my travels only got easier. All my swaps passed through TSA and allowed me to have a stress-free time while exploring a new country. Here are the zero waste swaps that made my trip so enjoyable!

Always bring your reusable water bottle. Empty it before heading to the airport and refill it before boarding. There are also many public water fountains to ensure you stay hydrated while sightseeing! Along those lines, I always pack a small, foldable tote or bag that I can use to carry groceries, souvenirs, or beach supplies. Many grocery stores in Spain charged for plastic bags so it was a very normal thing to bring your own bag.

As cheap recent college grads, my friends and I usually picked up food and ate it on the way to our next spot or in a public park. I was lucky I had packed my reusable straw from Final Straw and my reusable silverware. While these are usually zero waste splurges, they were worth the investment for travel purposes. The only thing you must remember is to take out the knife from your to-go ware kit if you have one! This is not TSA friendly in any country.

Exchanging my liquid hair supplies for solid products is one of the best travel decisions I have ever made. You avoid the liquid rule for TSA and do not need to worry about buying liquid hair products once you arrive in your destination. Solid bars also take up less room in your baggage and are zero waste. My current favorite shampoo bar I’ve been using for a year now is Ethique’s Kiwi Heali Kiwi. Another liquid to solid swap to make travel easier is toothpaste tabs! These are little solid tabs you crush in your mouth that turn pasty when you add your wet toothbrush. There are many companies and many different flavors and types, but my favorite is made by Crush and Brush.

And while not necessarily a sustainable travel tip, always remember to leave enough room in your suitcase for souvenirs! I hope these tips help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and have a stress-free travel holiday!

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